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      ZA25 Grit Zirconia Alumina Grit

      Product Name: ZA25 Grit Zirconia Alumina Grit
      Trade Mark:
      Model: F4-F220
      Place of Origin: China(Mainland)
      Price Terms: FOB Tianjin
      Payment Terms: T/T
      Packing: 25kg/PVC bag,1MT/big bag
      Delivery Lead Time: By sea 5-7 days
      Minimum Order: 100kgs
      Certification: ISO 9001?2015
      Detailed Description:
      Zirconia Alumina is made of high-purity alumina and zirconium material as raw materials. After high temperature smelting at 2700?, it is formed by special processing technology and Barmac ball milling. It has high quality, extremely hard, compact structure, and special crystals. Dendritic eutectic structure. According to the content of ZrO2, zirconia alumina can be divided into ZA25 Zirconia alumina (ZrO225%) and ZA40 Zirconia alumina(ZrO2 40%).

      Zirconia alumina is different from ordinary fused alumina and silicon carbide with superior self-sharpening, toughness, and wear resistance. Used for making grinding wheels, it can significantly improve the life and sharpness of grinding wheels, and for grinding and cutting workpieces with higher hardness, the wear resistance is particularly obvious. Mainly used for the production of heavy-duty grinding wheels, resin-bonded grinding wheels, cutting discs, wear-resistant products, high-grade abrasive tools, etc., Zirconia Alumina is suitable for grinding steel parts, cast iron parts, heat-resistant steel, titanium alloys, nickel alloys, aluminum alloys, tungsten titanium alloys and other materials. The grinding ability is higher than that of ordinary abrasive materials.

      The characteristics of zirconia alumina:
      1. The toughness of Zirconia is very high, about 13-15 times that of brown aluminum oxide.
      2. The crystal size of zirconia is very small (HAIXU ordinary quality crystal size is 18-20um, HAIXU high-quality crystal size is 10-12um), which is one twentieth of the ordinary electron fused alumina. The smaller crystal size can continuously produce small sharpness edges during grinding. So the service life is improved.
      3. The bulk density of zirconia is high (1.9-2.45g/cm3), while the bulk density of ordinary fused corundum such as white aluminum oxide and brown aluminum oxide is 1.55-1.95g/cm3. Zirconia alumina is suitable for the production of high-speed grinding wheels, heavy-duty grinding wheels, and cutting discs and other abrasive tools.

      The difference between ZA25 and ZA40:
      ? ? ZA25 has a higher alumina content than ZA40, which is suitable for wear-resistant products such as wear-resistant hammers, heavy-duty grinding wheels, bonded abrasive tools, etc.
      ? ? The self-sharpening, hardness and toughness of ZA40 are better than ZA25, suitable for cutting discs, railway cutting & grinding wheel, high-level resin grinding wheels, coated abrasives, etc.

      Chemical Content
      Item ZA25 ZA40
      AL2O3 70-72% 55-57%
      ZrO2 24-30% 35-44%
      TiO2 Max 1.0% Max 0.8%
      Fe2O3 Max 0.3% Max 0.25%
      SiO2 Max 0.8% Max 0.6%
      Physical Properties
      Item ZA25 ZA40
      Specific Gravity 4.30g/cm3 4.60g/cm3
      Bulk Density 1.90-2.30g/cm3 2.15-2.45g/cm3
      Knoop Hardness 1600 1450
      Smelting Point 1950? 1900?
      Crystal shape monoclinical tetragonal
      Chemical property Amphoteric
      Reaction with acid and alkali No
      Reaction with carbon Forming carbide since 1650 ?
      Crystal Size HXB Series18-20um?HXA Series 10-12um
      Maximum service temperature 1600 ?
      Color Gray
      Specific heat capacity(cal/g.C) 0.2205(50-500?)
      Heat conductivity 0.2718 cal/cm2.sec.?
      Linear expansivity(X10-6) 6.82(100-700?)

      Available Sizes?
      F-Grit(For bonded abrasive tools) 6# 8# 10# 12# 14# 16# 20# 22# 24# 30# 36# 40# 46# 54# 60# 70# 80# 90# 100# 120# 150# 180# 220#
      P-Grit(For coated abrasive tools) 24# 30# 36# 46# 54#60# 70# 80# 90# 100# 120# 150# 180# 220#
      Section sand and finer powder(For refractory) 0-0.5mm,0-1mm,1-3mm,3-5mm,5-8mm,100#-0,200#-0,320#-0

      1. Used to produce heavy-duty grinding wheels, tough grinding wheels, and high-level resin-bonded grinding wheels.
      2. Used for grinding and cutting hard-to- grind materials.
      3. Used for high-quality cutting discs, grinding discs, polishing wheels, etc.
      4. Used to produce coated abrasives, such as sandpaper, abrasive belts, flexible polishing wheels, fiber disc, nylon polishing wheel etc. It can improve polishing accuracy and work efficiency.
      5. Used in the production of wear-resistant hammers and linings.
      6. Used for sandblasting, suitable for marble, super-hard steel, steel castings and other materials.
      7. Used for high-level refractory materials, such as castables, intrusive nozzles, sliding nozzles, etc.

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