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      Home -- Products -- 24 Grit Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide Abrasive

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      24 Grit Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide Abrasive

      Product Name: 24 Grit Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide Abrasive
      Trade Mark: haixu abrasives
      Model: 16#20#24#30#36#46#54#60#70#80#90#100#120
      Place of Origin: China(Mainland)
      Price Terms: FOB,tianjin
      Payment Terms: TT/LC
      Packing: 25kgs pvc bag +1ton big bag
      Delivery Lead Time: 3-5days after receive the payment
      Minimum Order: 1ton
      Detailed Description:
      Brown fused alumina

      Chemical Composition
      A GRADE
      Al2O3?????? 95%min
      Fe2O3?????? 0.5%max
      SiO2 ???? ? 1.8%max
      TiO2????? 1.5-3.7%

      B GRADE
      Al2O3 70-80%
      Fe2O3 8-15%
      SiO2 12-15%
      TiO2 3-5%
      C GRADE
      Al2O3?????? 50-65%
      Fe2O3?????? 12-20%
      SiO2 ??????? 15-25%

      Physical Properties
      Bulk density 1.53-1.99g/cm3
      Specific Gravity 3.50-3.96g/cm3
      Mohs Hardness 8-9

      Bonded abrasives and Coated abrasives
      Surface treatment/finishing
      Lapping, polishing,decorative non-skid tile,and pressure blasting.
      Ceramic Tiles special ceramics
      Fluidized Bed Furnaces and Skin / Dental Care

        Contact Detail:
      Address: 1 building,Lvdi Centre,DaXue Road
      Postcode: 450000
      Telephone: +86 371 63211281
      Fax: 86 371 603056
      Website: https://zzhaixu.en.alibaba.com/
      Marketing man : globa
      Phone/Mobile: 86 18039336686
      Email: Cassiel@zzhaixu.cn

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