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      Button bit GT60 92mm 102mm 115mm 127mm 140mm Flat-face retrac semi-ballistic

      China GT60 threaded button bits

      GT60 MF Drill Rod - Speed Rod, Top Hammer Drifter Rod, Percussive Drifter Rod

      High quality button bits manufacturers

      PCD & PCBN series

      Product Name: PCD & PCBN series
      Trade Mark: Vitrified Bond Tools, Resin Bond Tools, Metal Bond
      Place of Origin: China(Mainland)
      Price Terms: FOB
      Payment Terms: T/T, western union, Paypal
      Packing: Carton box with foam box. (Gift package is available)
      Delivery Lead Time: 7-15days
      Minimum Order: 30
      Certification: ISO9001
      Detailed Description:

      PCD & PCBN are polycrystalline structure which overcomes the fault of single crystal.Meantime, the super hardness and CBN make PCD&PCBN;tools high rigidity, good wear resistance and cutting performance. The lifetime of PCD&PCBN;tools is many times longer than the tungsten carbide tools.


      PCD Cutting tools: PCD cutting tools are mianly used for precessing aluminum and aluminum alloys (various silumin), copper and copper alloy, Babbitt metal, wood and various kinds of wood based fiber material,aluminum oxide reinforced floor boards, various kinds of wear-resistance plastic,bakelite, graphite,stone meterial, tungsten carbide, hard cartons,etc.
      PCBN cutting tools: PCBN cutting tools are mainly used for processing various kinds of hardened steel,tool steel, mould steel, bearing steel(HRC 45-70), chilled cast iron,nickel-base high temperature alloy, cobalt-base high temperature alloy(HRC 45-70),gray cast iron and various kinds of other nonferrous materious difficult to process.

      Advantage of diamond and cbn

      1.the diamond and cbn meets the international standard
      2.high abrasive resistance ,high processing precision , good thermal conductivity and long service life
      3.the diamond and cbn cutting edge is sharp ,it can realize high speed cutting and hard material cutting with high work efficiency and facilitate clamping
      4.it can be used repeatedly, which heps to lower your processing cost.
      the diamond and cbn can be used many fileds including aviation, the car industry,energy equipment,and the wood and stone industry. it can be used to cut and process different material such as nonferrous matal, tungsten carbide, ceramic ,onometal and composite material.

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        Contact Detail:
      Address: B906# Wanda Plaza, Zhongyuan Road, Zhengzhou, Henan, China
      Postcode: 450000
      Telephone: 86-0371-86545906
      Fax: 86-0371-86545906
      Website: http://www.moresuperhard.com
      Marketing man : Sarah
      Phone/Mobile: 86-15890786448
      Email: sarah@moresuperhard.com

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      Superhard Material of China

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      Abrasives and Grinding Products of China

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