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      IGI Grades ‘Record’ 14.6ct. Lab-Grown Diamond

      Post Date: 27 Aug 2021    Viewed: 67

      A 14.6-carat lab-grown is the largest gem-quality diamond ever made using the chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method, claims the International Gemological Institute (IGI), which recently graded the stone.

      The square emerald-cut gem from Mumbai-based grower Ethereal Green Diamond has F color and VS2 clarity, IGI said last week. The stone has received the name Freedom of India, a reference to the country’s 75th Independence Day, which occurred on August 15. It will be on display at Ethereal’s booth at the upcoming JCK Las Vegas show.

      The previous CVD record was for a 12.75-carat synthetic diamond IGI graded last year, a spokesperson for the lab said. China-based Shanghai Zhengshi Technology Co. produced that stone.

      Image: The 14.6-carat diamond. (IGI)

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